Software delivery that MAKES SENSE

We are inspired to make a difference in our world and to leave it a better place. 


This can be as challenging as contributing to public sector processes that help keep children safe, or as practical as designing and delivering elegant software.

A 'here to serve' ethic, a commitment to high standards and the courage to do what needs to be done - even when that is uncomfortable! 


We accept the challenges of leadership and do whatever it takes to meet and exceed expectations. 


And as a result? We earn the respect and trust of the people we serve.


Our number one priority is our CULTURE

Great teams do more than deliver. they explore new ways of doing things.

share and debate ideas. have fun.

A culture that challenges conventional thinking, that takes a fresh perspective on the arena of work, a culture of leadership. 


We focus on cultivating a supportive team feel, and helping our people perform at their best.

Fingoites (as we like to call ourselves) are a team of highly competent, courageous and honest thinkers. 


We pride ourselves on our skills and knowledge, and the courage to do what needs to be done. Not simply what is easiest or most comfortable. 


Playing safe is not our style!

Collaboration and community are foundational in the daily activities of our team. 


We are a caring and supportive group, always willing to listen (usually over coffee) to each other's thoughts about work and life.


Do we sound like your kind of TEAM?

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interested in joining our team?

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